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Time Attack Championship Free

Prepare yourself for the spectacle that can only be Time Attack. Watch drivers push the limits to set the fastest lap around championship’s acknowledged home circuit, Brands Hatch, in cars that range from tuned and recognisable road-going examples, to some of the most serious machinery on the planet.

Now in its 15th year, Time Attack has evolved to become one of the most significant and engaging motorsport phenomena of our time. It defines the art of focused car modification by providing aftermarket tuners – both amateur and professional – with a platform on which to prove themselves in the most convincing way possible.

Go Japan! hosts the sixth of the season’s seven rounds as competitors battle to become 2020 champion. Not only will you get the chance to see these cars and drivers in action, but you can also get up close and personal in the pits and paddock. Don’t miss the pit lane walkabout at lunchtime!

Want to know more about Time Attack and details about the championship. CHECK TIME ATTACK


Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Famous Japanese Drifting Cars Free

There’s no doubt that Drifting puts spectacle and style into motorsport. But its a completely different experience to have real Japanese Drift cars and drivers doing what they do best in the UK. Believe us when we say, this is a historic moment for for the sport in Britain.

There will be two full-on demonstrations, with initiation starting on the approach to the left-hander at Surtees, following through the right-handers of McLaren, Clearways and Clark Curve – a series of bends not for the faint hearted and, with an exit speed of well over 100mph, it’s one of the fastest Drift courses in the world.

You can also get up close and personal with the Drift cars and drivers at Tunerfest, with teams more than happy to chat about their sport and show you round their cars from their display area in the paddock.

Make no mistake, Drifting on the sacred asphalt at Brands is a special occasion – and with professional cars and drivers form Japan, the whole thing notches up to a whole new level!

Because of our experience of running events and, with the much appreciated co-operation of MSV, Go Japan! has permission to showcase this spectacular form of motorsport.

So, grab your cameras, kids and friends and come and witness a smoke-fest of sideways action!

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Cosplay Characters Free

Costume Play – or Cosplay  – has a huge following around the world and takes on many forms of characters from films, books, play and cartoons. To celebrate this entertaining form of art and culture, we have invited a select group of Japanese-styled Cosplay artists to make the event even more magical.

Suitable for all the family, Cosplay artists will be available during the event for photo opportunities and inspirational ideas for you and your family, particularly when it comes to the very unique Japanese character styles. A fun and entertaining addition to the event, these guys and girls are fabulous, so ensure you take time to say hi and grab a photo with them during the show. Photo Credit: Dreamland Photo.

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Invitational RWYB Time Attack - JDM Version Free

Invitational ‘Run What You Brung’ Time Attack – JDM Version is a special feature of the event. Only Japanese cars are permitted to participate and the sessions will include famous tuning and race cars from around the world as well as well presented privately owned cars.


As its name suggests, this new category is open to all types of car: from standard road-going examples, right up to highly tuned competition machines. It provides a no-nonsense approach to entry, with only a minimal amount of equipment required. For the car, it’s a four-point harness and a hand-held fire extinguisher, whilst for the driver it’s an approved helmet, race suit, boots and gloves. And that’s it!

Viewing is free but if you’re interested in taking part with your own car, you’ll find details of how to reserve you place, what you’ll need and the entry fees here: CHECK RWYB AT GO JAPAN!

Please only proceed with a payment if you have a JDM car. We will advise when your entry has been accepted.

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Japanese Car Industry Celebrities Free

If you’re into cars, then chances are there are a fair few drivers and preparation companies that you’ll have heard of and therefore, we expect you would and like to see and meet them. Well fear not, our invitation list include key people and respected names from the past and present – and the line up is growing daily.

Whether a tuning car figure, race driver or maybe someone you just respect from their achievements with cars, you’ll find them wandering around the show as well as taking part in discussions and interviews on the HKS Live Stage. We are pleased to welcome renown journalist Dino Dalle Carbonare, who’s flying in from Japan especially for the show to headline some of these features.

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

JDM Legends by Japanese Performance Mag Free

In association with Japanese Performance magazine, we are excited to present an array of famous, iconic, unique and ouststanding Japanese cars from the past and present. Get up close and intimate with hero cars from the race track, stars of the show and magazine icons.

Never has there been such a drive to assemble some of the most famous and iconic Japanese cars in one place and celebrate their presence en-mass. Cars will be split between static display and live demonstrations on track.

So if you have a car which you think we should be inviting, please get in touch with details of what you have the the history behind it. Invitations are open for race, tuning and street cars of notable fame. We look forward to hearing from you!

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Show & Shine Competition - Cars & Bikes Free

Show and Shine at Go Japan! is like no other competition of its kind. It offers a range of prizes for best overall and the top cars in each category and gives owners the opportunity to showcase their pride and joy in front of 1000s of car enthusiasts. And of course, it has to be Japanese!

We’ve reinvented the Show and Shine concept to provide the most competitive and highly rewarded competition in the car-show calendar.

Always boasting an impressive array of cars – and even bikes – it’s a key part of the the Show & Shine concept, where owners can display their creations and cherished positions – and in doing so, be rewarded for their efforts.

If you have a vehicle you would like to enter, then to find out more about the competition and book in, visit our SHOW AND SHINE PAGE


Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Japanese Food Vendor Area Free

If you love Japanese style cuisine and street food, we have a treat for you, as we’ve invited a select number of Japanese vendors to the show.

Experience a little slice of Japan for your lunch or maybe introduce a range of new flavours and textures to your children – and even yourself – during the day. Visit the food pop-ups and excite your taste buds!

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Japanese-Specific Car Club Displays Free

Go Japan! has set out on a mission to present an amazing collection of clubs that represent Japan-manufactured cars in the UK. So, if you have a Japanese car that you’re proud of and would like to display it to the 1000s of enthusiastic fans at the show – well, now you can!

Go Japan is looking for single and multi-marque car clubs that truly represent what having an interest in Japanese cars is all about. From brand new to classics, from manufacturer-tuned to home-built specials – all are welcome.

We’re expecting over 1500 club cars to attend, so if you wish to have your club represented we urge you to complete the club booking form ASAP, as we operate on a first-come first-served basis. Brands Hatch, no matter the event, always fills up, so we expect to introduce a waiting list system.

Get your club coordinator to start the process by registered via our automated system HERE


Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Cosplay Craftmanship Competition Free

Go Japan! plays host to a full Cosplay craftsmanship competition, with entrants coming from all over the UK and Europe to compete for the first time at Brands Hatch. This unique competition will, of course, be Japanese themed and take place on the HKS Live Stage, judged by a select panel of three industry experts.

The competition, with various prizes including cash, will have two main elements: Show Your Style and Back To Craft. It will be organised and administered by leading Cosplay industry figures, headed by respected Cosplay artist and mentor – Alice Griever. If you are a Cosplay artist and wish to enter either competition, contact us for full information. Photo Credit: Dreamland Photo.

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

HKS Live Stage & DJ Music Free

The HKS Live Stage will feature a variety of activities throughout the day and will be a focal point of the event. Known worldwide as the leading manufacturer of car tuning parts, Go Japan! has teamed up with HKS to put the entertainment fun-factor into this major feature of the show.

Featuring live music, groups, DJ sets and interview sessions with key figures and performers, the stage will play host to a variety of entertainment as well as host our Cosplay competition and event awards ceremony. It will be located alongside Colin Chapman way, the main access road with the circuit grounds. A performance timetable will be listed prior to the event, so you can plan your day and look out for those key moments you won’t want to miss!

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

On Track Tour - Ride The Track By Bus! £12/£6 Adult/Child Book Online

Yes folks, catch a bus around Brands Hatch! Get a ticket for an utterly unique experience during the event. A bus will take you around the track while iconic tuning and race cars circulate around you.

A great experience for all the family, an opportunity to ride on the bus and see for yourself what the twists and turns of Brands are really like as a 1000hp car whizz’s past! Get your cameras ready folks. This is different and unique to Go Japan! Tickets for the bus rides can be BOUGHT HERE

Cost: £12/£6 Adult/Child Book Online (gate ticket not included)

Automotive Trader Village Free

A huge trade area for car related businesses will be a significant feature of the event. Featuring an exhibition comprising some of the leading brands in the tuning industry, they’ll be a range of products and services on display and up for sale together with the opportunity to speak to the experts who will be on-hand to answer your questions.

From styling and interior upgrades, engine parts, wheels, accessories and exhausts to complete cars, our traders are all geared up to showcase the best Japanese stuff on the market. In fact, we predict they’ll be something for everyone in the trade village. Be warned, we’re confident you’ll see something you want to buy – so be prepared – there’s a cash machine located at the top of Paddock Hill Bend!

If you’re a trader, retailer or manufacturer and have products and services you would like to showcase or sell, visit our TRADE PAGE.

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Japanese Car Racing Free

Go Japan! will host a race featuring Japanese cars during the event.

Further details about the race, the cars involved and track times will be announced soon!

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Japanese Hobby & Culture Pop-Up's Free

Experience various Japanese hobby and craft pop-up shops and groups.

See some incredible skills and future hobbys that you will want to get involved with. Visit the insirational Hobby & Culture Pop-Up area on the day where creativity awaits!

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

JDM Drift Taxi Passenger Rides £15 per ride - Pay on Day

You’ve seen it on TV, YouTube, photos and on track, now experience it for yourself! Get a Taxi-ride and experience a full-throttle passenger ride in a Drift car at Go Japan!

Our Drift Taxi feature is designed to give passengers an experience they’ll never forget and is part of our line-up of great things to do in between watching the track action. You’ll find the Drift Taxi area in the lower paddock. Book in and pay on the day at Hailwoods Restaurant in the same area. No advance booking, just get down there on the day and have some fun!

Cost: £15 per ride - Pay on Day (gate ticket not included)

Toyota MSV Rally Stage Experience Pay on Day

Take an experience of a lifetime at Brands Hatch with the MSV Toyota Rally Experience.

Book in as a passenger and experience the thrill of sideways action on a loose surface, authentic rally stage with the Brands Hatch dedicated off road course. Sign on at the Hawthorne Centre in the lower paddock on the day. For more information about this experience, contact Brands Hatch direct.

Cost: Pay on Day (gate ticket not included)

Japanese Eating Competition by BLITZ Free

Inspired by the competitions from Japan, if you think you can eat anything – and do it quickly – then perhaps the Blitz Eating Competition is for you!

Taking place on the HKS Live Stage, the eating competition is open to 12 ‘unlucky’ folks to try their best to eat our Japanese menu as quickly as possible in order to be crowned the Go Japan Eating Champion of 2020! The feature is free to enter and can only be signed up for on the day on a first-come first-served basis. Details of how to enter will be made available on the day.

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Pitlane Walkabout & Team Photo Experience Free

At lunchtime, the gates to the track and the pitlane will be open to the public for a walk on the world-famous Brands Hatch tarmac and a visit the iconic pitlane.

During the pitlane walkabout, spectators will see a line up of Time Attack and race cars on display and have a perfect opportunity to meet and speak to the teams and drivers. This activity is suitable for all the family and is free to all. Timings will be published in the event programme.

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Go Karting - Arrive & Drive Fun! Pay on Day

The go-kart track at Brands Hatch will be open throughout the show and can be found next to the Kentagon restaurant on site. You can try your hand at the mini Brands Hatch Indy Kart Circuit – a 280 metre replica of the main circuit.

It’s a fantastic experience for both kids and adults  [age and term restrictions apply – see on day] and something that’s fun to do in between the on track action.

Go-karting can be paid for on the day on a first-come first-served basis. It cannot be booked in advance.

This attraction is run by Brands Hatch.

Cost: Pay on Day (gate ticket not included)

Event Trophies & Awards Free

We have various awards and trophies on offer throughout the event for all the zones and activities that take place during the show.

Trophies and awards will be presented on the HKS Live Stage in the afternoon for Car Clubs, Show & Shine, Cosplay, the eating competition and many more surprises including the best trade stands and individual exhibits.

Timings will be confirmed in the event programme.

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Japanese New Car Manufacturer Display Free

We’re inviting new car manufacturers to be part of this annual celebration of all things Japanese. So if you’re in the market for a new car or just fancy taking a look at the latest in the showroom, stop by the Car Manufacturer display area.

Calling manufacturers and dealer of Japanese brands! Get your products in front of a range of discerning and well informed car enthusiasts – and potential customers. Contact us for further information and to book your stand in our exclusive and high profile manufacturer/dealer-zone.

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Japanese Beer & Sake Bar Free

Try Japanese Beer and Sake and expand your taste buds!

Visit the Kentagon bar and restuarant where you’ll find a selection of Japanese brand beer and Sake behind the counter. If you haven’t experienced these beverages before and you’re old enough to do so, why not grab one with your lunch and see what the hype is all about.

The Beer and Sake drinks, as well as a normal stocked drinks, will be on sale in the Kentagon bar and sold by MSV, located at the top of the outer-paddock along Colin Chapman way.

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

Children - Things To Do Mostly free - Some cost

Brands Hatch is a welcoming family venue with superb facilities for everyone. As well as superb facilities and places to eat, you can plot yourself a grassy spot as a base. It’s a great place for a proper family day out.

There is a range of activities to keep your little ones entertained. Why not get them involved in some of the Japanese arts and crafts in the pop-up stalls, try their hand at Origami and some of the other Japanese crafts that they may not have experienced previously. All in all, you can confidently plan to bring your family. Under 13’s are free!

Cost: Mostly free - Some cost (gate ticket not included)

Live Stream Broadcast & Media Info Free

The event will be broadcast by Live Stream throughout the day over the internet by our professional TV broadcast company.

Viewers from around the world will be able to tune in and catch all the action both on and off track as it happens. The live broadcasts will appear in the online locations listed here. If you are a member of the media, please click here for accreditation information

Cost: Free - Included with gate ticket

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